Academic Security

hospitality recruit has substantial experience in providing security services to academic establishments from Pre-School to Degree Level institutions.

Construction Security

hospitality recruit can ensure your equiptment, plant and materials are kept safe and secure overnight whilst your workforce is away from site.

Corporate Security

hospitality recruit commits to providing a professional and dedicated security service for corporate businesses and business centres with multi-role positions.

Event Security

hospitality recruit can assist at shows, festivals and events for the provision of close protection officers,  door supervisors, safety stewards and traffic marshals.

Film Set Security

hospitality recruit is able to support film crews whether on set, on the road or overnight to ensure the crew and cast are safe and your equiptment secure from theft.

Residential Security

hospitality recruit offers a residential security service, whether you'd like to secure your own property or a residents association wanting a mobile patrol service.

Retail Security

hospitality recruit can help deter and prevent crime in your store by using security guards, store detectives and CCTV operators to ensure your staff and stock are safe.

Warehouse Security

hospitality recruit is aware how important your stock is to your business and can protect your profits by ensuring staff are following procedures and rules in place.